About Me(ish)

Way back in February of 2020, a worldwide epidemic raged. The new age of Covid-19 had arrived. People were scrambling to change their ways of life to limit contact with other humans. Our household had always been a coffeeshop type of crowd. We met in coffeeshops, had parties in coffeeshops, and seemingly lived in coffeeshops.

Covid hit us hard and kept us from the people and places which had become part of our normal daily life cycle. We needed a place that was not the living area where one could go to getaway. The Bunkr Cafe was born.

Cars were pulled out of the garage. Tables, chairs, candles, and even artwork were set out to imitate our much-beloved coffeeshops. We have spent 100’s of hours there. We have entertained guests (family and close quarantined friends) in the space.

We always wanted to build a little coffee shop of our own and now we have one. We are considering moving into a facility and do this for real. We look forward to a day when Covid is managed enough that this may be a reality.