The annoying part of work search

Even though I have a few projects and sources of income, I am always on the search for remote work. As a result I have been reading job descriptions consistently for at least the last ten years. There are always the pie in the sky job descriptions where the future employer wants you to design a logo -oh- and also work with clients, have 15 yrs experience with some obscure software that has only existed for 5 yrs, raise sales by 15%, walk on water, replace a whole department they have lost, and finally be on call 24/7 for tech support. But keep in mind, they just want a logo.

I totally understand a labor shortage with todays poor compensation for unrealistic job responsibilities and performance expectations. Before you come at me, please go read about fifty or sixty job descriptions in your area of work and you will begin to see what I mean. If you read just one or two you will not see the bigger picture and will be down a road of missing the point.

I have searches email me when my job search criteria pop up in a job description on a few platforms. The one on my desk right now is an excellent example. It is for an “Entry Level” online curriculum designer. First they want proven success in a piece of software that is only 30% of the market. Also, you need a portfolio of classes you have designed in the past in this software that was successful. Finally, they want a PhD but a Masters is acceptable. What there says “Entry Level” to you?

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