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I am reading this series of blog posts about how to make a successful blog. It keeps pushing that you have to have a niche or it wont work. I have spent the better part of two days thinking about what niche I fit in. It is chemistry or electronics or cartooning or art or talking about my crazy brain stuff or writing or politics or theories of existence or just going on and on about some cool color I found. What thing do I do most or am I the most expert at? The more I thought the more longer the list became. Turns out my niche is me. I am all of those aforementioned things but I am mostly the actual culmination of all of it.

Do I think people will only read my blog if I talk about just motorcycles or design or the mechanism of chemical reactions, no. I think what I bring to the table is a life long set of varied experiences that forged a very unique perspective. So there is my niche, perspective. The perspective of a artsy fartsy tech guy who is simply alive.

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