2020 Taking its last swings

Christmas Eve was punctuated by the blood curdling noise of branches ripping though the house. The upstairs bathroom has a seven foot limb hanging from the ceiling. The attic has some very large holes in it. In fact, they are large enough to crawl out of onto the roof (in my skinnier days, anyway). These large holes then let in plenty of rain, debris, and possibly critters.

This year has, to be quite honest, sucked. I feel like its 2020 taking a few last swings on its way out the door. If you look at it from a Fall of the House of Usher perspective, the house really represents me. I have started fixing and painting things lately. I have started putting my life back together and am definitely a thousand times happier than I was this time last year. The house was struck as a symbolic blow to the people and lives within. I think two years ago that tree would have bisected the house and left us in desolation. Now, we are inconvenienced but still see a way forward from here.

I hope y’all have a happy and productive 2021! (’cause we ain’t doing 2020 again!)

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