The birth of a ghost

I want to encourage you to turn your doodles into tshirts, mugs, or whatever. Lets be clear that I am not sponsored by any company at all. A short look at this site’s menu will show I use all the sites!

That said, I want you to not be afraid to create. Make a RedBubble account, upload some art, look at your art on stuff. It’s a huge thing to see your potential turned into a thing.

Let me give you an example. I was doodling on my “ToDo Today” page and drew this picture of a ghost.

Messy ToDo Page
WTF Ghost Close Up

That, my friends, ain’t gonna win me any art awards. The banana taped to the wall is more artistic. In fact, it looks more like a Platyhelminthes than a ghost. (Albeit a Platyhelminthes with a drinking problem.) I took this idea and dropped it into my vector drawing program. (I use Affinity Designer but it could have just as easily been InkScape which is free and stuffed with functions. or photoshop, or gimp, &c.) While there I realized he needed a bowtie and a hat. I sent my little ghost through the American version of a haberdashery and thus Winston was born.

Dapper Winston

Now armed with my design I put it on things I thought would be fun to have a dapper ghost on. I hope people purchase my designs but, honestly, its not about the money. I just really like making art and the selling of a design just validates me. These days validation feels really good and is as important to me as food.

Oh, SideNote – I wanted Winston to have a friend so I gave him another dapper gentleman to talk to. He has a Mustache! So cute!

A Dapper Pair!

I encourage you to doodle something, anything, and make a RedBubble, Society6, Threadless, TeeSpring, &c. account and see it on something. It can really be that little kick that lets you know you can make art. And who knows, you might sell a few!

Love you guys!

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