What a good day in the Bunkr looks like

Today is a great day in the Bunkr. I feel positive, full of ideas, and brimming with energy. Why? I have had the first good nights sleep in two weeks and it shows. So, why would you read a post about someone just getting a good night’s sleep? This isn’t going to be about that. Well, a little. Anyway, notice I said the other fourteen nights sucked? That is my usual M.O. when it comes to sleep. I get three or four at night and maybe one hour in the late morning on average.

I know what you might be thinking, “Doesn’t not sleeping that much make you crazy.” We all learned that in psychology class in high school and it turns out that its exactly right, well sort of. Let me explain.

I have spent most of the nights of my life with an average of six hours sleep. There are plenty eight hour days and four hour days. In fact, during college I would often stay up for the entirety of exam week. Yes, the whole thing. So, its some what normal for me not to sleep much. But, weirdly, it still takes its toll. I have learned to live with it but it still sucks.

If you have read this far and wonder when I am going to get off the sleep thing, your time has arrived!

Me and my rested self slid into my office this morning (a commute from the back door to the office is about 15 ft.(4.6m)). Its difficult to get that commute coffee in unless I walk slow. I fired up the computer, the jazz, candles and started clicking and creating.

I have a very noisy brain and when its tuned and focused its like a room full good ideas and I almost can’t create fast enough. I think the speed I can go is why I moved from mostly drawn to digital. I still ideate via drawings but most of the time, if I even have an inkling of what I want then I can digitally draw the whole thing as a finished product in just no time.

Also during this time I fill up my google keep (if you don’t know what this is, google it… 😉 ) with ideas, lists, etc. I sketch in my book while I eat lunch. I do everything to take advantage of being clear and focused minded. Then tomorrow, when its all foggy and noisy I have great notes to work off. Its kind of an unhappy marriage of good and bad but its functional!

So, get some sleep, don’t waste those good creative moments, and stay hydrated.

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