My friends, creativity is hiding behind every corner. Its in the color of a pea or in the sound of a passing bus in a busy town in the rain. However, because of the times we live in or some miswired neurotransmitters in our heads creativity becomes hard to find. We turn up our senses to eleven and try to find some inspiration out there. Something that we can grab the tail of and be led to the land of creativity and bliss.

After basically leaving in a bunker (bunkr 😉 ) for six months creativity has been a very difficult thing to find. Perhaps the strategies that make survival work comes at the cost of creativity and a bit of happiness.

Now-a-days, I have found myself often blue, burned out, and just empty. I have found when I am at this weird creative rock bottom I need a foothold to climb out. Mrs.Bunkrcafe brought home a bottle of CoffeeMate Peppermint Mocha. This is a treat that is usually only found around these parts during the Christmas season. I know it is a little thing but today it sparked just enough joy to get me going. A grip on a slippery slope of blah I have been sliding down for weeks.

Open yourself up to something small that might help you start the climb up. Have a great day and may creativity flow in your veins.

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