A Mini setback

I find a lot of my ideas while I am driving. Sometimes, I’ll just roll the windows down and drive until I figure out whatever is bothering me. Sometimes it has ended up being a hilariously unexpected road trip.

Several years ago I purchased a Mini Clubman for this exact purpose. It was my daily driver and my place to think as my little Mini ate the up road. She has, so many times, delivered me to my destination both mentally and physically.

But we recently had a thunderstorm. One of those windy, “the bottom fell out” storms. I was standing in the cafe looking out at the tumult that was swirling around outside. Then CRACK! the top of a tree fell and went straight through my beloved Mini! My poor mini. It did not have a scratch on it before and now there is a tree sticking out of the roof! Luckily, I had a rack on top that took a lot of the force away but, there was plenty punch to spare allowing a tree to spear through the roof, headliner, and bend all sorts of metal.

Insurance you say? “She is not insured for this kind of thing”, I was told by my agent as fast as I asked the question. Poop. She is sitting in the garage waiting for me to take her apart, bang out the largest dents, and find a way to repair and replace the sunroofs.

I look forward to her getting back out on the road. My place to think once again eating up the pavement and finding the solutions to life’s problems.

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