Sunday Tshirts

Every Sunday we gather up all the tshirt ideas we have thrown around for the previous week and pick one. Then we (or me) sit down and design one for release on Amazon, TeeSpring, Red Bubble, or some other online outlet.

Not all shirts go to all stores. Some stores are going to have a vibe all their own and not all designs would resonate with the vibe, man.

This week we did “Vote for Love”. It was meant to give the world something to think about when they vote. Politics, in my opinion, has turned from who do you love and how can they be a service to the community to a more about who you hate. Hate has no place in the public service business.

Rant aside, here is the design. Its 3D lettering with a vintage feel. I may make a slight variation where its just the one “for” font. Who knows.

Enjoy! But, don’t forget to vote!

Available at Threadless and soon other places.

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